What is XSPAM? -------------------What is XSPAM? -------------------What is XSPAM?

You ask, "what is xspam and why is it in all the addresses?".

I'll try to explain. Simply put, I didn't want our classmates to get spamed just because their address is listed on our website. You must remove xspam to have a correct e-mail address.

The Internet businesses that send you junk mail get their mailing list in many ways. One way is to buy bulk address lists from companies that use "spiders" that search web pages.

The "spider" is a computer, connected to the Internet, programmed to step through the numerical equivalents addresses for all web sites. It will look through all information on the web page and when it sees an "@"sign it will pick the group of characters before and after which make up the e-mail address. After the spiders gather about 500,000 or 1,000,000 addresses, the list is sold.

The list is loaded into a company's computer that sends you spam e-mail. Most likely a French company. Because it is all automatic and because they deal in addresses by the 100,000s. They can hardly spend time looking at addresses and try to figure out why they don't work. Probably only 80% of what they gather is active anyway. So our addresses that contain xspam bounce back and get rejected from their spaming computer. Yet, to their computer, it looks fine. They won't bother to even look at the rejected addresses.

Hope I have explained this in a way that makes sense and hope this makes you feel a little better about listing you address at TerrellHigh.com.